Seo services for doctors

According to data given by Google, 5% of all Google searches are health related and search drives 3X more visitors to hospital and doctor sites. This already tells you that if you are a doctor you need to be online. It also points to rife competition from other doctors and hospital websites trying to get more patients. Our SEO services for doctors can help you improve your online visibility and get more leads.

Research also shows that between 61% and 84% of healthcare consumers conducted a health related search before scheduling an appointment with a doctor for many types of doctors. It therefore goes without saying that if you are a doctor you need to conquer organic search to get more leads online and eventually more people coming to your clinic.

Comprehensive SEO services for doctors

For a doctor’s website, SEO goes just beyond using keywords in the content. Reviews for instance are a significant partof SEO services for doctors. The more positive reviews you have from actual people you have treated the better your performance online. Reviews online are like word of mouth in person. They are very influential.

We cannot get you the reviews of course, but we make it very easy for your website to collect reviews. Further when we are running the campaign, we encourage the people you treat to leave reviews on your digital assets through sms and email messages.

Besides ensuring you have reviews, we also ensure you have all the digital assets that will enhance your online presence. Having a website is not enough. You need a social media presence, to be listed in niche specific directories, Google My Business page and to be included in Google maps for relevant searches. Therefore, our SEO services for doctors, entail not only optimizing your website but ensuring you have all the relevant digital assets.

Hire the best SEO services for doctors today!

As an experienced SEO service we know exactly what it takes to get you services where they need to be. We are very particular about local SEO for your service and also national SEO depending on the type of doctor you are. We have worked with a lot of different doctors and we know the needs differ.

While some doctors for instance pediatricians might be overwhelmed when they rank locally, doctors who perform specialized surgery for instance might need to be known nationally. We therefore craft creative SEO strategies that meet the needs of your practice.

The truth is, the performance of your website depends majorly on the SEO marketing you do on it. The more you have it marketed the better your business will perform well. If you want SEO growth marketing that will really impact your business, then you should consider hiring our SEO services for doctors. We know how to bring more patients through your door online.

Do not wait any longer. It is time to take a piece of the pie from your competitors. Contact us now to learn more about how we can impact your business.