SEO for roofing companies

If you have a roofing company, having a website for your business is a no-brainer. It is essential that you increase the number of people who can find your services online if your business will stay afloat in the 21st Century. After creating a website, you need SEO for roofing companies to bring your business to the top of search.

After starting your website, you might have found that it is hidden in an ocean of results from other companies, some of which you never even know existed. Competition is rife online, which is why you should consider SEO for roofing companies to beat your competitors.

The Impact of SEO for roofing companies

Over 75% of people looking for roofing services start their journey online. They might start by looking for general information and then move to show commercial intent and then finally settle for a roofing company of choice.

If your company meets during the different searches they make and moves with them through the journey, then the chances are very high that they will pay for your services. People are tired of being bombarded with salesy messages left, right and center. They are looking to buy from companies that create relationships and help their customers along the way.

This is what SEO does for your roofing company. With SEO you rank organically for intended keywords and provide valuable content that meets the needs of the prospect. As such, you create a relationship with the prospect and they start to trust your business. This way when they are ready to buy, your brand remains on top of their mind.

SEO for roofing companies also helps with ranking in the local map 3-pack. This is important because your business gets displayed to potential customers in your area who are looking for your services. We help you optimize your Google My Business page so you dominate the local maps.

SEO for roofing companies is essential even for the roofing websites that are already ranking in the top positions. Google’s algorithms are always changing and in 2021 we already have the Google’s Page Experience Update that has impacted many roofing businesses.

You need SEO for roofing companies to not only get you to the top of search rankings but to also help you stay there.

Why choose our SEO services for your roofing company?

Many companies are obsessed with just using keywords in the content and other SEO techniques that do not consider customer intent. As a leading SEO company, we optimize for customer’s intent so we bring you more qualified leads to your website.

Search intent is the reason why a search query has been performed. Your content should not only include the keywords it should also meet the search intent. When the content meets intent, visitors are more likely to stick around and interact more with your website. That is really good for SEO and for helping the leads down the customer journey.

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