Local seo for doctors

People prefer to go to a doctor who is nearby. It is convenient and easy especially when one is suffering. But, did you know that 5% of all Google searches are health care related and that search drives 3X more visitors to hospitals than non-search? As a doctor, therefore, you need local seo for doctors to capitalize on these searches.

Gone are the days that people just walked up to any doctor’s office or called their relatives and friends to get recommendations. The power of smartphones has brought search closer to the people. A simple Google search for “(your practice) doctors near me” is enough to earn you more clients than you can imagine if you are well-positioned to get them online.

For instance, a woman who needs gynecologist services will not just up and go to any gynecologist around. They might start with search for gynecologist near me or the best gynecologist in (your location). If you have a resounding digital presence and you dominate search through different digital assets, you immediately build trust with that patient and they are 3X more likely to come to you unlike go to other doctors.

That is the power of local SEO for doctors which you can harness through our professional SEO agency. We have been in this business for a long time and have helped many doctors dominate local search in their vicinities.

We have a vast team of country managers from different places worldwide who help us handle our clients regardless of where they are from. Our specific country managers understand your local language and market and they help us to come up with a winning local SEO strategy for you.

Our local SEO for doctors is a service proven to help doctors in all areas of practice rank for local searches. Contact us now to learn more about how we can help grow your practice.


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