Link building for lawyers

Having a website for a law firm or your own practice is important in boosting your business as a lawyer. But your website needs to be found on search. That is not all, you need to build your authority online so search engines can trust your website. To increase your authority online you need link building for lawyers.

What is link building?

Link building entails acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own. The link you get from another website to your own is known as a back link or inbound link. Links, according to Google should be earned or editorially placed. Links also need to be placed on authoritative and high-quality websites for them to impact your authority.

High-quality websites tend to link to other quality websites while spammy websites can only get links from other spammy websites. Links act as endorsements, votes or recommendations for your website from the other websites that are linking to you. Therefore, they are a very important ranking factor for search engines.

That being said if you have a website for your law practice, then you need link building for lawyers.

Why is link building for lawyers important?

Link building for lawyers is important because your website cannot rank quickly without authority. But getting links to your website is not an easy task. You need to reach out to other websites to place links for your editorially as is required. That means you need to pitch their content to them and wait for them to agree to your content.

Not to mention that you also need to find websites that are relevant, with real traffic and of a higher authority that your website. Getting links for a website is a painstaking process if you try doing it on your own. However, with our link building for lawyers, you can get quality links to your website quickly. We do this for you so you can concentrate on the other things that matter to your business.

The best SEO agency for link building services

If you are in the market for link building services for lawyers, you are in the right place. We are an experienced SEO agency with skills in link building. We have worked with many law websites and other related websites before and formed key relationships with them.  As such, we are able to get you the results you need quickly.

We use manual outreach process to find high authority websites to work with for your project. Our link building experts go through the websites one by one, checking their metrics and ensuring they are not part of a private blog network. We are keen to ensure that we only place links in high quality websites for the best impact.

Our link building techniques are white hat. We never get you low quality links or use tactics that can get your website penalized. This way, the results you get are long lasting. Let us help you build quality links to build your online authority.