12 Month SEO plan

SEO is a long term game and having a 12 month SEO plan can go a long a way to helping you grow your business in the long term. Research has shown that the businesses that succeed online are those that have a plan. If you do not have a plan and do not invest in marketing, your business cannot grow.

Benefits of a 12 month SEO plan

Most people imagine SEO as something that you do once and you are set. Unfortunately, this is not the case and companies that have lost rankings overnight can attest to this. If you have acquired great rankings for your website already, you can maintain them through a 12 month SEO plan.

Also, since SEO is always changing, a lot of adaptation is needed along the way. With short term plans, you do not have the time to adapt since you are not actively checking your SEO then. Also, with SEO you build a lasting relationship with one service provider which is beneficial for your business in the long run.

Sustainable SEO marketing for your business

We are a leading SEO agency with the capability to come up with amazing SEO plans that are sustainable even for small businesses. You can pay for the SEO services month to month or commit long term whichever goes well with your business.

Our 12 month SEO plan incorporates all core SEO strategies that we have tested and proven to work in your niche. That is not all, we keep tabs of changes in Google algorithms to change accordingly and stay ahead of the curve. Short term SEO plans are not proactive but reactive which means you will have suffered the dip already.

Well, if you are in the market for a 12 month SEO plan to grow your business, consider hiring our services. We are experienced and able to give you the boost you need.


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